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How To Build Your First Web Site

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Getting Started!

Most Internet service providers offer their customers a space to place a basic site on the World Wide Web. With this basic site you will get your very own URL. (Universal Resource Locater) This will be your business address on the web. Now, anyone who knows your URL will know how to contact you on the World Wide Web. Even if they are on the other side of the world!

Many other places exist where you can easily set up a free website.

Or surf to http://www.google.com...

Type Free Web Host into the search box. And then check out the top Free Web Host. Comparing their services.

Here are even more reasons to build a website!

  • To start a business.

  • To promote a business.

  • Advertise where guest can find a Wedding.

  • Information on an upcoming family reunion.

  • To put together a class reunion and find classmates.

  • Publish ideas about life to the world.

  • Publish works of art and literature to the world.

  • Build a site to help with a charity or personal project.

You will need to learn a little HTML. Web pages are written in HTML. This is a special language read by computers. Don't panic! HTML(hyper text markup language) is easy to learn. Here's a few online resources:

DaveSite http://www.davesite.com

HTML Goodies http://www.htmlgoodies.com

Webmonkey http://www.webmonkey.com

Many special editors are available to guide you in composing HTML documents.

Microsoft Front Page http://www.microsoft.com

Dreamweaver http://www.macromedia.com

Or download one of the WYSIWYG editors. (What You See Is What You Get!)

With these editors you can easily compose web pages without knowing any HTML at all. Go to the site below and type in WYSIWYG Editors in the search box.


Or you might decide to use the editor at one of the free host to compose your first website.

In addition, the web host usually supply website templates. You plug in your important information and build a professional looking website quickly. All sounds to good to be true. But it is!

Many free web host also supply users with WYSIWYG Editors.

Thanks to technological advances and improved software, composing your first professional looking website is a breeze.

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