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Text Is King!

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Are you building your website? If so, STOP! Take a look at what you have done so far. How many images do you have? How much text do you have?

If your website has more images than text then you could be in trouble. Ask yourself these two questions

What are my visitors at my website for?

Chances are, your visitors cam to your website to find information on a topic or to answer a question. They probably didnít come to look at pictures (unless you run a photo gallery). Give your visitors what they want and they will keep on coming back.

Why did I put all these images on my website.

Now, this is not always true, but what I have found is that people put a lot of images on their website to make up for poor quality content. They think if they have a pretty looking website, people wonít pay that much attention to the text. That is another wrong assumption that should never be made.

REMEMEMBER: People come to get quality content, and will leave if you donít provide any

REMEMEMBER: People come to get quality content, and will leave if you donít provide any

REMEMEMBER: People come to get quality content, and will leave if you donít provide any

If your website has more text than images, good for you, keep up the good work and good things will come to you.

James C. Micucci is the webmaster at www.retrowebmaster.com. Although his site is still in development, in the near future he will become one of the premier content providers on the internet



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