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The Benefits Of Outsourcing

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The year 2005 is expected to be the year of "outsourcing".

In case this word is new to you, then prepare yourself to the fact that this will be the buzz word of 2005.

Outsourcing is the act of exporting jobs to 3rd world countries, for the benefit of saving on production and administration costs.

The most popular form of outsourcing to this day is IT outsourcing, and the most popular countries where you can outsource IT jobs to are Romania and India.

For example: your firm is spending a lot of money hiring programmers to do some programming tasks and software writing that do not need special skills. You decide to cut costs by exporting these jobs to India, and let the same tasks be done by professional Indians instead of Americans, because their labor rate is a lot lower. This would easily save you money, sometimes up to 80%, that you can spend on other primary jobs (e.g: marketing).

Outsourcing does not only help you save money, but also gives you that push needed to walk and extra step towards winning the competitive market.

Brian Taylor, CEO of Comfosoft Inc. says that outsourcing to India helped his company “save more than $23,000 per month on software programming and debugging. There are a lot of talented Indians who can do the same job without getting paid a 5 figure number.”

Today, and in the world of “online business”, and to make things even easier for you, SupportUniverse.com (http://www.supportuniverse.com) has launched a new marketplace where programmers meet recruiters. All you need to do is post your project and let skilled workers around the world compete to bid on delivering the best work for the lowest cost and the shortest period of time. You can then select the best offer.

Although some people oppose the idea of outsourcing, the fact is that it is spreading like fever and it is becoming more and more “mandatory” for those who want to succeed in the internet world.

Raymond Walsh, CEO of "Business 4 Pleasure", and monthly printed newsletter targetting small and medium sized businesses.


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