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The Changing Face of Business – Is Working at Home Right For Me?


Right now there is a movement within the business world
that has been building since the first two computers spoke
to each other and sparked what would one day be the

That movement has been strengthened by long early-morning
commutes, expensive downtown parking, and the problems
associated with working in the business world in the 21st
Century. As the cities get more congested and more people
move to them looking for work, a very basic need has arisen,
with a single mandate:

To get as far away from all the grime, pollution, and
stress as possible.

Surprisingly, it is the very thing that made the business
world shoot forward like a healthy bean sprout in the
summer sun that has also made it possible to escape the
hustle and bustle of big city living.

The Internet has once again changed all the rules, and not
in a way that many people would expect.

The Internet and good, reliable, high-speed internet
connections such as Cable or DSL connections have made it
so that trudging to work in a tiny cubic office every
morning is a simple waste of time. For many companies,
Telecommuting has been a much smarter answer to attracting
experts from around the globe without having to relocate

At the same time, the Internet itself has given rise to a
brand new form of advertising industry with nearly
limitless profit potentials. Website publishing is now one
of the single fastest businesses growing online at the
moment, with direct sales and snappy web-content being the
number one force that drives this new industry. Affiliate
Marketing has been the phoenix rising out of the “Dot
Com” fire.

But before embarking on either of these grand business
philosophies, it is important to ask yourself, “Is working
at home right for me?”

We have amassed some very good pros and cons of both
telecommuting and website publishing, and it might be
beneficial to take a moment and look them over before
making that decision.

Telecommuting: Cutting Your Travel time to Zero

Telecommuting is the ability to work for a company in the
comfort of your own home. Aside from checking in on
occasion, all of your work can be done in your home office
or on your home computer, and your pay check may or may not
come directly to your house every week.

This is a very natural environment for independent
contractors and “freelance” specialists, depending on the
type of work they do. In the past few years, however, some
businesses have seen fit to “de-centralize” their work
environment and send their workers home.

These days, a business can operate quite efficiently in a
virtual online work environment. Specialists can come
together from all over the world and synchronize their jobs
through text messaging and centralized data bases. In
addition, freelance writers, IP programmers, and website
design specialists have been able to sprout their own
little companies and contract their work out of their homes.

A good thing about being a telecommuter is that, like in
all home or personal business environments, you make your
own hours. Work until the wee hours of the morning if you
feel like it, or take the day off and go to the zoo with
the kids.

It’s an extremely attractive bit of freedom, especially to
parents and people looking to have family lives. This give
you the ability and freedom to either “Plan your work
around your life”, or “plan your life around your work”,
whichever you find more attractive on any specific day.

Another attractive aspect of telecommuting is that the
business environment can be extremely lucrative. You can be
a hired gun and let companies try to out-bet each other for
your services. This is especially true when you become
better known in your chosen field.

The business world is always looking out for the next big
talent, no matter what it is, and if you are that person
you could be in for an exciting future. Also, the amount of
work you put into a project is limited only by your
dedication and enthusiasm, so your future is really in your
own hands in those respects.

On the other hand, telecommuting has its own very real
problems and stressful situations that may never come up in
a more traditional business environment.

For example, working from home takes a tremendous amount of
discipline, and as such it is much harder to succeed than
people think. If you slough off your work load every time
your favourite television show comes on or you need to go
to the store for milk, you might have problems succeeding.

Also, something many people never think about is that when
work is at home, it stays at home. You may easily find
yourself in a situation where every time you sit down to a
meal or try to relax you automatically begin thinking about
your work problems.

It is extremely difficult to “leave work at work” for the
night when your work station is less than 20 feet away and
you have a big project sitting on your desk waiting to get

If you don’t finish that project, it isn’t going to get
done and you are not going to get paid. Moreover, the
company that hired will likely never hire you again and
worse, damage your credibility by spreading the word that
you can’t get the job done. There is absolutely no job
security for most telecommuters and freelancers, something
that can hang over your head like a cold frost.

Finally, Isolation is a common problem for any person
working from home. No matter who you are, eventually you
need some human contact, and sitting in your little home
office by yourself for long stretches of time can be
extremely stressful on people.

Website Publishing: The Wild West of the Internet

Mass website publishing and affiliate marketing are two
relatively new areas of business and a terrific example of
how commercialism evolves out of scientific discovery. Like
the television, newspapers, and radio before it, the online
medium of computers has brought with it a perfect avenue
for advertising and marketing to the masses.

Affiliate marketing in websites is when a small company or
individual signs up for a commissioned sales program with a
company that has a quantity goods or services for sale. By
building websites that direct traffic to these larger
parent sites and getting customers excited about buying
from them, these small web-based companies earn
commissioned sales money.

These affiliate marketing members are tracked and paid
according to their performance, creating a symbiotic
environment for both the parent company and the affiliate
website. The affiliate gets paid for their marketing skills,
and the parent company has an extremely effective
commission based advertising program that costs them
nothing to set up.

As with telecommuting, there are many good reasons to run a
website publishing business, including setting your own
hours and the potential for large amounts of cash to be
dumped into your bank account.

In addition, website publishing is very creative and
diverse work, something that many people see as an integral
part of a happy home-based business. There are many
different facets to a home based web publishing business,
including writing great articles, designing cool web
designs for your sites, and coming up with the right idea
at the right time to really drive up sales for your
affiliate companies.

Literally you can learn about something new every day of
the week, spend your days scouring the internet for good
marketing ideas, and make some important contacts and
friendships with what has become a very tight-knit business
environment that has closed ranks and grown up together in
the past 10 years or so.

Best of all, you can do this work at the park, or at the
beach, or in your house, wherever you want to go and work.
Find some place comfortable and just jump right in.

On the other hand, website publishing from home also has
just as many pitfalls as telecommuting does, and before
anyone decides to shrug off the corporate yolk in favour of
the good life they should carefully weigh all of the
factors involved.

Just as telecommuting can be lonely, frustrating, and
stressful work, so can website publishing. You will work
long hours, especially at the start, in an attempt to
stabilize your business and get your foot in the door.
There are also some potentially significant start-up costs
involved in becoming a website publisher, setting up your
home office and getting the proper affiliate marketing
training that you need to have a chance at succeeding.

Also, your family may be of little help in this endeavour.
Many people simply don’t understand how affiliate
marketing works, and most people think that if you are at
home, you’re free for coffee, phone calls, doing extra
chores, watching the kids…starting to see a pattern? In
other words, if you are at home on your computer all day
many people will see this as not really working for your

On the contrary, the opposite is true. There are times when
you are going to be so overwhelmed with work that you
won’t be able to see daylight. Your family and friends
need to understand that although they may mean well, your
office is just like any other work environment and you must
not be disturbed while you are working.

This lack of recognition outside the work environment can
be extremely disheartening. For example, someone who is a
lawyer and makes $100,000 a year and has an extremely high
level of job satisfaction will be the envy of her peers.

On the other hand, someone who makes $100,000 a year as an
affiliate marketer and has an extremely high level of job
satisfaction will simply receive slightly puzzled, amused
stares and a polite request to explain exactly what an
affiliate marketer is.

Understandably, this kind of situation could wear on a
person after a while.

Regardless of how a person makes their money or runs their
business from home, telecommuting and website publishing
are both very new and exciting concepts being explored by
the business world. As the internet grows, so do the growth
possibilities and revenue potential for many businesses.

More businesses are getting involved in this type of
environment all the time. That means for telecommuters that
every day more potential customers are arriving on the
scene, and for website publishers and affiliate marketers
that every day there is another potential affiliate website
out there just waiting to be designed, developed, and
written about.

No matter what based business you are in, stay focused.
Stay calm. Talk it over with your family. Come to the table
with a strategy that works and a plan for success, and
prepare to revise it on the fly. Take a deep breath. Got
everything calm and relaxed? Good.

Now go crazy.

For more information on working from your home as an
affiliate marketer, publishing websites you can be proud of,
for profit, visit:


About the Author

Bill Schnarr is a full-time freelance writer who loves his
work because it gives her the Opportunit*y to learn more
about the world every day. Right now, he knows a little bit
about almost everything, and a bunch about working from the
comfort of a home office using affiliate programs, an
Internet connection and a personal computer. Bill works
from his home in Calgary, Alberta.

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